Lets talk skin care routines

So being in the beauty biz, I get tons of questions from my friends and clients about skin care. What to do, what not to do, what to use etc.

I can not just give you one universal answer, as skin is so personal and unique to each one of us. But, there definitely are some things that you should be doing on a day to day basis no matter your skin type. Okay, so lets start with the mornings. When you wake up, splash some cool water on your face. This will put a little pep in your step, and help to depuff. Cleanse : in the morning, use a gentle cleanser to just lightly prep your skin for your morning routine. Then you are going to want to tone. Toning will help to balance your skins PH, before applying your daily treatment regime and moisturizer, and SUNSCREEN. After you tone, apply your fave serums. I am not going to go into too much detail here on what specifically l to use, that is for another post. After that, apply your daily moisturizer. No, not your body lotion or whatever you have laying around. Use a good quality moisturizer specifically for facial skin. Your last step should be SUNSCREEEN! Seriously .

Then, carry on with your morning routine.

So, Nightime routines usally are a little more intense, depending on your skin, and what all you are using. But the first thing you need to make sure that you are doing every single night is removing all traces of makeup. Actually, the first thing you should be doing before you touch your face, is washing your hands- but we live in a time where that should be fairy obvious right about now – ya know. So anyway, back to the night time routine – Remove all your makeup. I am obsessed with the reusbale facial wipes called, “The Makeup Remover” they antimicrobial and resuable, just wash in hot water.

Now, we cleanse. Using ciruclar motions, get the cleanser all over your skin, dont forget the neck and decloute. You want to cleanse your skin for a good minute or so. After rinse -and go in with a second cleanse. This is where you want to use your prefeered skin cleansing device, if you have one. Yes, there are tons on the market, and yes- I have a few faves, but lets save that for a different post shall we? After you cleanse, tone. After you tone, do your night time regime of serums, eye creams etc. That is also completely custom for each and ever single person. At night, after I do my serum, I like to use a facial oil as my moisturizer. I use a specific blend for my skin, and the results that I am shooting for, and guys- there is literally an oil for every skin type. I kid you not- don’t be afraid of oils. I could do an entire post on facial oils- and guess what… I will, so STAY TUNED FOR THAT.

I love to massage my oils into my skin with my jade roller- which I highly reccommend for all of you. Im obseesed. Have you ever used a jade roller.

Okay, so that was your daily regime- but what about exfoliation and masks. This will depend on your skin type, and what you are trying to achieve. Some of you may be using an acid daily as a form of chemical exfolation, but we will get into that another time. I like to exfoliate my skin twice a week with a mechanicl exfoliant- a facial scrub. There are tons out there, so you will need one specifically for your skin type. Please stay away the ground walnut scrub in the skin care aisle- AT ALL COSTS! The ground nuts in that are so harsh and abrasive on your skin, and can actually cause little microscropic tears in your skin- no tisk tisk, no no on those.

I like to mask 2 or 3 times a week, but thats just me. One of the times i will use a clay mask to draw out all the impurities in my skin, and the other times I love rotate beween hydrating sheet masks, or a cooling gel. The amount of times that you mask, and what you use will vary depending on your skin type, and what results you are trying to achieve.

Alrighty- so wrapping things up here, because I could go on and on for days. I mentioned quite a few times that what you will use, and how much you use it will depend on your skin. You may have no idea -right? Well you want to know how you find out? Get a professional facial. You will get a skin anylysis- and your estie can help you tremendously on decididing what is best for you skin.

Not able to leave your home just yet, and have some questions? Drop me some questions or comments, and I promise I will do my best to answer you.

Until next time- Stay beautiful, my friends.




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