Is your hair too damaged to help?

So I recently got an email from a reader , and to sum it all up, she was basically saying that her hair was fried and overprocessed, and wondering what she can do to save it. She eventually wants to get it colored again, but right now its too crispy feeling to even think of that.

This is the perfect opportunity to talk about damaged hair, and what you can do to help.

First, and foremost- I am not sure if my reader did her hair herself, or had it done by a licensed cosmetologist- but that is not the point of this post. If she did have it professionally done, it may or may not be the hairstylists fault- ya know. There are so many factors which can lead to your hair feeling a little more roughed up than you would like after lightening or coloring it.

Well water- a super big culprit! Well water can leave tons of build up and unwanted mineral deposits on your hair- which can cause it to feel dry, brittle, and gross. City Water also has tons of chemicals- so depending on where you live-the chemicals in your shower could be toughing up your tresses. #showerfilters will save your hairs life- I promise!

Medication and some supplements can also cause your hair to feel brittle and lifeless: I am not saying to google your medication, and what it does to the hair: but maybe do a little research ya know- can’t hurt.

Underlying medical conditions and hormones can also cause our hair to do crazy things. Talk to your doctor- *I am not giving any medical advice here- just some suggestions.

So anywho- back to the point of this article- right ! hahaha Ok- so you have now ruled out any reasons why your hair is feeling this way, and you want to know how to save it.

Depending on the amount of damage, your only choice may be to cut it! I know I know- you want to grow it out, but if your hair is super damaged, the ends will literally just keep splitting higher and higher until your hair eventually splits all the way up or breaks off, A good, major chop will be your best friend right now- You will be amazed at how much better your hair will look and feel.

Your hair also needs to be treated from the inside out, and there is nothing other than the original BOND BUILDER #OLAPLEX! I am telling you, this stuff is liquid gold, and it really works. They have a whole system out now- but if you are just starting off, I would definantly start with the Olaplex #3, It is a bond building treatment that you can do at home. You will apply it to clean, damp hair, massage it in real good, and leave it for at least 30 Minutes. Do this once a week!

You will also need to do a deep conditioning mask according to your hair type. Olaplex treats the inner of your hair, a deep condtioner will treat the surface of your hair! You need to use both, I promise!

Lay off the heat at much as you can while you are healing your hair, air dry it as much as possible.

This also means washing it less, do not wash your hair every single day. If you do, you are going to strip the natural oils that are produced, and your scalp is going to go in to over drive, trying to produce more oils.

baby that hair- follow these steps, and give your hair a break for a bit! let me know how it geos-I would love to hear from you in a few weeks!



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