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So I have only been talking about starting a blog for like ten years or so, for reals.

Well, my friends- what better time than now. APRIL 2020- the Corona Quarantine. We all have lists miles long of things that we haven not had time for, I will tell you, I got a lot less done that I had presumed I would.

– TWO WORDS: VIRTUAL EDUCATION!! I mean, I only have one in school so far, and its a KINDER gal. It has been tons of trial and error, and I am TIREDDD from all of us in our household. TEACHERS : I ( and every other parent in the USA) SALUTE YOU!!!!

I miss shopping! hahahahh

I mean, we cant leave the house : but AMAZON Right. I have been trying all the things! One thing I am super happy we got , for the sake of entertainment, and online learning are the :

Kids Fire Tablet: COULD Not Liveeee without these right now, TBH! GOt PINK FOR MY GIRLIES!!

What is the one thing you got on AMAZON that you could not live without right now?

But anyway, back to the reason I started this blog; It has been on my list for ten years, and if I did not start it now, then when – YA KNOW??

So tell me: What do you all want to hear about?? I can not wait for some feedback.

Happy Quarantine,

xoxo Jennalee

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